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Sheraton Hotel | Overland Park Convention Center - Guest Room Renovation

Overland Park, KS, USA

Sheraton Hotel was acquired by Marriott Hotels so when they decided to update the interiors and meet Marriott standards, creating a modern, inviting space was essential for the Hotel. With the cool colors, modern patterns, and contemporary aesthetic, Sheraton was receiving a whole new look.
Finding the right balance between contemporary aesthetics and providing a warm, inviting space led to cool grays, navy tones, and geometric patterns combined with warm neutrals and lush fabrics. City input created a collaborative environment, allowing for a balanced design of Marriott standards and Overland Park’s design vision. For both Marriott and Overland Park, it was imperative that the Sheraton adopted the modern, clean, and light aesthetic while keeping the comfort and inviting atmosphere that Sheraton strives for.

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