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Our Approach

We see architecture as a complex discipline that goes beyond "select" projects. As buildings become more complex, we must adapt how we approach the design. What truly makes Bell-Knott unique is our commitment to projects that are technically challenging as well as those with great visual appeal.

The firm's work-environment is adaptive so we can provide a dedicated consistent one-on-one approach while being able to react quickly and scale up to accomplish larger projects in a team environment.

A complex laboratory, a data center, or warehouse all bring as much professional pride as a beautiful corporate headquarter. Our firm thrives on this creative blend of art and engineering.


What Matters...


We focus on maintaining strong, long lasting client-architect relationships. The benefit of this idea that "the best client is a repeat client" lets us form an understanding which enables us to act in the best interest of the client and can help with high level decision making. Our relationships go above simply providing architectural services that are project specific.


We promote a one-on-one approach to each and every project. This consistency makes for a unique collaboration with the client, consultants and those who construct the project. We strive to keep involvement throughout every phase of the process and participation in all pre-design and design activities. If we need to scale up, we can come together as a team to provide projects that meet deadlines.


We are known for our strong portfolio in complex spaces such as data centers,  laboratories, pharmaceutical and clinical spaces. Our team is continually learning from each project, and has developed tremendous technical expertise. We are able to support our clients by working  with specialty engineers and consultants who are also experts in their fields. 


We firmly believe in making buildings that work, but our pursuit of good design is not overlooked. The process of creating beautiful and vibrant spaces is exciting so we are sensitive to each client’s unique aesthetic vision. Our role is to create spaces that honor the client's vision and not just superimpose our style.


We balance the owner’s budget, schedule, and design quality throughout all phases of the project. We keep continuous account of cost implications as a result of design decisions.  Additionally, we believe in a high quality of design and understand the need for this to be compatible with budget, schedule and to meet the project objectives.


We only take on the amount of work that we can perform without jeopardizing our quality of service. Our level of responsiveness starts at the pre-design phase and runs through the owner move-in of the facility.  We believe it important to be able to have the staff to make this commitment before taking on a project.

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The Team...

Our multi-disciplined team is currently made up of over twenty professionals with a long tenure and range of expertise including registered architects and interior designer professionals. Our team has experience in the various disciplines including planning, specifications, traditional and augmented 3D illustration, and graphic design. Our team members are skilled in construction administration, product selection, move management, and facility services.

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